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Quinoa Salad

Quinoa Salad

Quinoa salad with fresh basil

Cold Quinoa Salad. Delicious with corn, chopped grape tomatoes, diced scallions, blueberries, and fresh parsley and basil

I was inspired to create this dish after eating at our friends’ Dawne and Matt’s for lunch one Shabbos. They served a wonderful salad that, along with crispy romaine, had quinoa and strawberries.  I was planning on making a regular salad, but wanted to make a separate salad using  my leftover quinoa. Because I didn’t have strawberries,  I wound up using fresh blueberries instead,  and really liked the results!  Betayavon!


2 cups cold cooked quinoa

1 cup frozen (thawed) or fresh corn (cut off the cob)

handful (about 10) grape tomates, quartered

1 cup fresh blueberries

1 scallion, diced fine

Tablespoon of fresh chopped parley

Fresh basil leaves (4-6 depending on how much you like the taste of basil, which I love), washed, and chopped in fine ribbons

Salt and pepper to taste, if desired

Olive oil or apple cider vinegar, if desired (optional), but I didn’t think it needed it.


Large salad bowl



Chop tomatoes, scallions, parsley, and basil, and toss with cold quinoa, corn, blueberries. Optional: salt, pepper, vinegar or oil, but I didn’t think it needed any of them.

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