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Not Milk?

Not Milk?    

Double Blind Not-Milk Taste Test

Double Blind Not-Milk Taste Test

Let’s be clear-you can’t undo the influence of your past. And surveys were a big part of my family’s life. If you didn’t know me prior to reading my blog, my “About me” page explains that my mother ran a Marketing Research firm out of our house. Can you imagine what it was like for us as teenagers, cringing because people we’d have to see in school the next day or around the neighborhood, were coming and going to and from our house to view or sample new products, and then, describe in great detail what they’d seen, thought, would or would not recommend, etc, etc, etc.

While observing and often conducting these surveys to help my mother,  I am fortunate to have absorbed many valuable interviewing techniques that have an important place in my writing and interviewing style.  Recently, while researching several new recipes that  required some sort of not-dairy milk, I decided to buy some of the newer options, and I was shocked to see  just how many new types there actually are. I felt a survey coming on, though it was a bit challenging to decide which not-milks to bring home.

Before I’d left the store with the not-milk bottles and boxes that were piling up in my cart,  the idea for a double blind taste test using my family members as the subjects, had sprung, fully-formed, into my imagination. And this is exactly the  way I imagined it.

milk survey

Can I have my breakfast now?

As to why I couldn’t just drink a glass of each type of not-milk and just decide which I liked best for each recipe? Why go to all this trouble with the survey? To be honest, I don’t like milk, and I suppose I never really did.  There are only two things I ever thought milk was good for, besides moistening my cereal: to wash down a PB&J sandwich, and with peanut butter Tandy Kakes.

 So now,  if you read on, you’ll find out the results of the not-milk survey we conducted, when a panel of cereal lovers took part in a double blind taste test in my very own kitchen. And, you will glean the final analysis of our Double Blind Not- Milk Home Taste Test.

100% of participants rated Calif Farms Vanilla Almond Milk as their #1 favorite. Comments such as: rich, sweet, creamy, and smooth were given.

75% of participants rated Calif Farms Coconut Almond Milk as their #2 favorite, commenting that it is worth the extra calories because it tastes so good, is very smooth, and is so creamy.

25% of participants thought the Flax milk was good in their cereal and rated it as their #2 choice. Other comments about this were: watery, intense taste, and boring.

50% of participants rated Cashew milk as their #3 choice, and 50% as their #4, and said it had no taste, was bland, tasted watery, and even- it might be muddy water (remember they were blindfolded, so maybe someone got suspicious).

50% of participants rated tetra boxed Almond Milk as their #4 choice, and 50% said it was their #5, or least favorite of all surveyed. The comments collected:  too thin, doesn’t have much taste, not a fan, no flavor, were a real surprise, as prior to this survey, this was the favorite in this household! So that’s what expanding the options did-it caused us to be discontent with our old favorite (which still sits on a shelf in the cabinet for when we run out of our new favorite!).

I asked each participant what would each of the not-milks they tasted be good for, and the answers have helped me tremendously in creating new recipes in the weeks leading up to Shavout.

Please be sure to check my blog often, and I hope you’ll enjoy my yumzer creations, some of which, use not-milk. Betayavon!

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