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Crunchy Cabbage

This snack requires very few ingredients, takes very little time to prepare, and is best made a day in advance and kept in the refrigerator until you serve it.


  • Sliced green cabbage, remember that it will wilt and shrinkcrunchy cabbage
  • Sliced carrots and orange pepper strips
  • Vinegar to cover bottom of jar or container up to an inch
  • 1 Tablespoon Coconut Secret Raw Coconut Crystals or 1 Tablespoon Brown Sugar


  • Knife
  • Cutting Board
  • Mason Jars


Slice cabbage, carrots, and pepper. Add vinegar to bottom of each mason jar or container and added shredded vegetables. Sprinkle sugar on top. Close jar and shake. Place in refrigerator for at least two hours or overnight.

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