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Arugula Mushroom Salad

I know I say this a lot: I love mushrooms. Here’s why- I love the way they taste and their meaty texture. When my family wants to barbeque, they eat their burgers and I eat grilled portobellas. I keep inventing new and delicious ways to enjoy mushrooms. Here are some of my favorites:

baby bellas, shitake, and plain old button mushrooms. I’m inclined to buy the stuffing mushrooms because the they unusually come in a large sized container and are more cost effective. I’ve had great success with marinating mushrooms. I make wraps and sushi with mushrooms. I love them sautéed with basil on a crispy gluten free pizza crust. I make stir fries and creamed soups with them. I prefer mushrooms cooked, and seldom eat them raw. I find they’re not too difficult to clean, and making a lot at once so we can eat them throughout the week seems to work well for my family. And while it’s true that I eat mushrooms because I love the taste and texture, it so happens that they’re also good for you. I am happy to tell you that mushrooms are on the list of superfoods.

I created this main course salad for lunch today using ingredients I had in the refrigerator.

Arugula Mushroom Salad

Arugula and Roasted Mushrooms with Julienned Carrots and Blueberries

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