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The Challenge of Eating in “Normal” Restaurants

C&R Kitchen My husband surprised me with a gift certificate to a tony new kosher restaurant that practically everyone I know has already tried and raved about. New to us, C&R Kitchen, is already a couple years old. Excited to check it out and have a night off from my kitchen duties, I hung up my apron and proceeded to fret about whether they’d have something on the menu that was wheatless and meatless. I checked their website and found the vegetarian option contained gluten, and I didn’t want to make the trip just to have the garden salad. Been there. Done that. So I went on a fishing expedition: I called and asked if they could accommodate me. The woman was very nice, and told me the chef would make me something I could eat.  I went ahead and made our reservation and discussed my specific needs and especially my favorites with the assistant manager, which was later confirmed with our waitress when we arrived.  I was pleasantly surprised when my dinner was served alongside my carnivorous husband’s platter. You won’t recognize it because for some reason the photo came out dark,  but that’s a portobello mushroom sandwich with chunks of orange squash and other assorted root vegetables spilling out, sitting atop a wide swath of beet puree, paired with a shaved salad containing ample amounts of cilantro  and whole walnuts.  Yummy. I was happy with my dinner tonight. Thank you C&R Kitchen.

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