No meat, No wheat

THE DAIRY CAFE, Lunch today Weeks ago, my friend Dee suggested we make a date for lunch to try  The Dairy Cafe in Bala Cynwood after Pesach.  Today was our lunch date, and we were so fortunate that Sarah, another friend, was able to join us. With the knowledge that a vegetarian restaurant/pizzeria would most probably pose a challenge for someone who doesn’t eat wheat, I called and spoke to both the manager and the chef yesterday to discuss my situation. I’m really glad that I did, and was even more pleased today to enjoy a wonderful lunch. It’s always a good thing when I can explain what I can eat and what I can’t, and be able to enjoy a nice meal out with friends. I didn’t want to have to start pulling the cheese out of my salad or feeling there really wasn’t anything for me. I had a nice lunch today.  Without a hassle; without a fuss; without changing the food routines that work to keep me healthy and happy. As my friends selected their pizza and salad entrees, I spoke to Josh, the chef. He really listened to what I liked and what foods I need to avoid. He made me something off the menu; I had a salad consisting of baby mixed greens topped with crunchy chick peas and kalamata olives. The salad was paired with a nice serving of braised kale and broccoli raab (something I’d never eaten before that the chef, suggested, and it was really delicious). The greens were sautéed with garlic and topped with mushrooms. The vegetable soup was also vegan as well as gluten free; a tomato base full of diced fresh veggies. There were three pareve gelato choices today: pina colada, pistachio, and coconut. I tried the pistachio!

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  1. Lunch with lori is a joy!!, What an amazing blog. What an amazing woman!!,

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