No meat, No wheat

Delicious Kugel that’s vegan and gluten free 

Veggie KugelI wanted to create a new kugel recipe for the end of Pesach that would use a lot of colorful vegetables and be able to be enjoyed by everyone at our meal.  As a word of caution, this recipe is not 100% vegan, and should be thus noted by anyone with an egg allergy- egg yolks are listed as the ninth ingredient in the Yehuda brand toasted onion gluten free matzo used in this recipe.  Betayavon!


  • Gluten free matzo, six boards (I used Yehuda brand toasted onion flavor)
  • 1 cup each:  Bodek’s frozen Broccoli florets, frozen spinach, and frozen cubed butternut squash thawed at room temp.
  • Fresh Leek, one huge leek, soaked, washed, checked, and then cut into small pieces and sautéed with the onion, below.
  • Onion, one small, chopped and sautéed
  • Two cloves of garlic added to chopped onion, above
  • No stick spray or oil to coat baking pan
  • Salt and pepper, to taste


  • Pan and spatula to sauté onions and garlic
  • Baking pan for kugel

Veg Kugel


Preheat oven to 375.

Spray baking pan with no-stick spray or lightly grease with oil

Layer bottom of pan with matzo. Break matzo into pieces to cover entire surface of the pan. sprinkle with warm water to soften matzo.

Lightly mash thawed butternut squash cubes onto the matzo.

Follow this with a thin layer of the other thawed veggies: the spinach and broccoli.

Finally, add a thin layer of the sautéed onions, leeks, and garlic.

Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and more garlic powder, if desired.

Repeat above steps, beginning with another layer of the matzo, followed by the thawed mashed butternut squash, thawed spinach and broccoli, and then the sautéed veggies.

Finish with another sprinkle of salt, pepper, and garlic powder, according to taste.

Bake at 350 for 40 minutes, but check it every so often, so it doesn’t get crispier that you like it.

Comments on: "Amazing gluten free Kugel for Passover that’s delicious" (2)

  1. Cindy Shapiro said:

    Im trying to create a truly vegan kugel but this is not. It’s not for me but those at Seder who can’t stomach egg, wheat, wheat gluten, corn starch. WHATS A COOK TO DO? (This recipe’s great but not vegan as you acknowledge). I know you posted the recipes in 2015.


    • Hi Cindy, I am sorry I never saw and responded to your comment/question. I’m the one in my family who is vegan, gluten free, etc, and I can’t begin to imagine how challenging it was for you to host guests with such restrictive dietary needs. I’m curious what you wound up serving them. I would have suggested a quinoa dish-possibly my quinoa stuffed peppers that I posted last year on Passover. They are so easy, fast, and delicious, and also eggplant is a great “meaty” sort of vegetable that can satisfy many tastes. Unfortunately I am allergic to eggplant, which is sad since it was one of my absolute favorite go to foods. Well again, my compliments to you for being so brave and adventurous, and please feel free to reach out again soon. I hope I’ll be more prompt in answering you next time.


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